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OCMP is Now Accepting Orders for the Spring Semester of 2024

The Spring semester runs from January 1 – May 31

Choose a Meal Plan that fits your budget!

Dining should never be one-size-fits-all. Check out our meal plans to find your best fit or create a custom plan just for you.

Supplemental Plan

35 Meals
2-3 Meals/Week
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5 Meal Plan

70 Meals
5 Meals/week
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7 Meal Plan

98 Meals
7 Meals/week
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10 Meal Plan

140 Meals
10 Meals/week
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14 Meal Plan

196 Meals
14 Meals/week
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19 Meal Plan

266 Meals
19 Meals/week
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21 Meal Plan

294 Meals
21 Meals/week
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What constitutes a meal?

All participating restaurants are contractually obligated to provide, at the bare minimum, $11 worth of food per swipe.

OCMP members may use any increment of a meal.
For Example:  $6.91 would equal .63 meals and $13.28 would equal 1.21 meals

All the participating restaurants are competing for your business, so in many cases they will offer much more. You can view all the restaurants specials by going to our specials page in the restaurant section.