OCMP is Now Accepting Orders for the Fall Semester of 2023

The Fall semester runs from June 1st – December 31st

What's the benefit for students?

Freedom of choice and convenience.

  • Students can order from 100’s of local restaurants, markets, and supermarkets
  • Dine-In at 50+ Restaurants
  • Delivery from 100’s more through Grubhub and Snackpass
  • Delivery is available to the dorm, apartment, library or wherever, and no worries about having money to eat.
  • Not being tied to the dining halls means students can eat what they want, when they want, and wherever they want

“I love my OCMP plan! I get to eat with my friends at my favorite restaurants around campus or order delivery from tons of restaurants.  No more hurried meals or rushing to a class far away from the dining hall!”

T. Ellis, OCMP Student Member

What's the benefit to parents?

Value and peace of mind.

  • Parents can rest assured that while their student is away at school, they always have access to healthy meals whenever their schedule requires.
  • Parents know that money allocated for food will be spent only on food.
  • OCMP is an excellent budgeting tool too; our meal plans allow you to plan for the entire semester.
  • Helpful automated reminders from OCMP inform you when the balance gets low.
  • Meals can be added at any time and made available immediately.

“My daughter has been using the OCMP since her freshman year and loves it! Most of her friends have OCMP too so she always has someone to go with and there are so many restaurants to choose from.  We did the supplemental plan while she was in the dorms and then went up to the 19 Meal Plan after that. I like that the money we’re giving her for food can only be spent on food.  It’s easy to keep track of and manage through the login and we get alerts when she is running low on meals.  Highly recommend!“

D. Gray, OCMP Member Parent

Feeling Hungry? Your table is waiting.