OCMP is Now Accepting Orders for the Fall Semester of 2023

The Fall semester runs from June 1st – December 31st

What constitutes a meal?

All participating restaurants are contractually obligated to provide, at the bare minimum, $11 worth of food per swipe. OCMP members may use any increment of a meal. For Example:  $6.91 would equal .63 meals and $13.28 would equal 1.21 meals All the participating restaurants are competing for your business, so in many cases they will offer much more. You can view all the restaurants specials by going to our specials page in the restaurant section.

My card was lost or stolen, what should I do?

Login to your online account and report your card lost or stolen using the menu on the left. Your old card will be immediately canceled and all your transactions and balances will be transferred to a new account. A new card will be mailed out to you right away. You can print a temporary card using the menu in your account which you can use while you’re waiting for your new card to arrive. Create a web login Note: OCMP cannot be responsible for lost cards not reported within 24 hours.

I’ve ordered the 5-meal plan, which is 5 meals a week for the semester, I’ve only eaten 5 meals a week but have run out of meals, how can that be?

When you order a meal plan, you are actually ordering a total number of meals. For example, the Five Meal Plan equates to 5 meals a week for a fourteen week semester (number of weeks per semester may vary, 14 is an average number of weeks based on previous years). If per chance the current semester has more than 14 weeks then you will run out of meals assuming you have eaten 5 meals a week. Subsequently, the inverse is also true. If any given semester is shorter than 14 weeks you will have extra meals at the end of the semester and should plan accordingly.

What should I do if I find an error on my statement?

If you find an error due to restaurant over swipe, multiple swipe, or non-delivery, then contact the restaurant first to correct the transaction. If you feel the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then contact OCMP and we will have the issue corrected for you. We can be reached by email at info@ocmp.com, or call 888-211-6267

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