How to Connect Your Grubhub Account

Get your favorite off-campus food delivered for free. OCMP is now accepted on Grubhub. With hundreds of thousands of local restaurants, you’ll find your go-to spot on Grubhub. And your free Grubhub+ Student membership means unlimited, $0 delivery until graduation. No credit card needed, so go ahead and stretch those OCMP dollars on Grubhub. Unlock your favorite food, unlimited free delivery + exclusive deals by adding your OCMP card. Then, start ordering from your favorite restaurants! Fuel those late night study sessions, celebrate that finished paper, get dinner safely delivered to your dorm – treat yourself with Grubhub.

Important Note!

You must be on your phone and have the Grubhub app installed for this to work!

Just in case you don't already have the Grubhub app installed...

The New OCMP Student/Parent Portal is Live!

The spring semester is finally here, and just in time we have launched our new student/parent portal.

New to OCMP? Simply create a login and create a new card.

Already have an OCMP card? Simply create a login and add your existing card using your card# (or temporary card#) and PIN.